Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stockbroker Psychopath: At Your Service!

I've often thought that Wall Street Stock brokers and psyhcopaths have a lot in common, but today I read an article stating that fact on the Internet. You might ask me how I could see that one coming in advance. It is because I see what Wall Street does to business. I'll take Krispy Kreme for example. They have always had delicious doughtnuts. Sure, the doughnuts are high in calories and fat and are not good for you, but that is what a doughnut is supposed to be. If they were "health food", they would not have so many people who love them. Anyway, when Krispy Kreme was a private company without stocks being sold on Wall Street, their cream filled doughnuts were wonderful (or so the humans claim). However, shortly after the company started selling stock on Wall Street, the cream filled doughnuts had a lot less cream and are no longer purchased by my humans--which means I never got to try them. If you ask this dog's opinion, they murdered a perfectly delicious product--just like a psychopath would!!! I am going to give you the web address of the article I read so you can look it up for yourself.
This brings up a new and important point. With the stock market doing so badly, and some of them inevitably losing their jobs, does this mean that their new line of work will be murdering innocent people. Since they have the inclination, and jobs are scarce, it would seem to be a logical alternative for them. I think there should be more dogs on Wall Street, and I am going to volunteer to replace those silly human psychopaths. A dog like myself would make good investments thanks to my advance intelligence, and my investments would be good because I'm a dog, and we dogs do things right. I've got to go now and work on my resume.....Demon Flash Bandit....stockbroker!

Demon Flash Bandit (Should be a Stock Broker Due to My Vast Intelligence)

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