Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turn Up the Volume Please!!!!!

Have any of you attended a "silent disco"? If you are wondering what a silent disco happens to be, it is a dance where all the humans dancing are wearing headphones so that the music is not heard except by the dancers wearing their headphones. I'm not quite sure the purpose for not having music except that it gives the humans the chance to sing along with the music so it isn't actually silent because you just have the voices of the unprofessional singers to listen if you are a spectator. Of course, if you have on headphones, you probably can't hear yourself sing--which I'm sure is a blessing to many of the dancers taking part-not so much a blessing for the spectators who are just watching. Am I the only one who wonders how this craze got started? If I were betting, I would put my money on the headphone industry. They stand to sell a lot more headphones for events like a silent disco. To give you an example of silent disco, here is a video of an event:
This dog has no plans to attend any of these events. I happen to be in the singing group, The Howling Huskies, and we like our music to be heard by everyone. Of course, we are dogs singing so we are fantastic.

Demon Flash Bandit (Member of the Howling Huskies)

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