Monday, January 24, 2011

My Opinion of Taxes

There have been numerous articles about income tax on the Internet news, and I have decided to bark about the subject today. I want to go on record stating that I have no idea why the United States government doesn't allow a dog to be a deduction on the humans taxes as long as the humans can prove they spent the money on their dog. There are legitimate deductions for dogs (for example, some dogs who provide "certain services"). Since I'm not an expert on that subject, I would suggest that the human who wants to get that deduction check and make sure that it is legitimate for their situation. Most of us dogs don't worry about income tax since our humans take care of us, and they are going to feed us and watch out for us no matter whether we are deductible or not. However, it has come to my attention that the system is not fair for working dogs like myself. I write a blog everyday, and I make no money from the blog. However, I do not qualify for an earned income credit which is available to the working humans who don't make enough money on their jobs to pay taxes. Since I'm not deductible on my humans taxes, isn't it only fair that I should be getting something for my work? I discussed this with Mommy who didn't seem to think it was unfair at all, but I disagree. She is looking at it from the human standpoint, and I think she is being prejudiced. Sure, she pays for my stuff, but this dog would like to have his own money. There are times when the humans get cheap and don't buy a dog everything he would like to have. Unlike the humans, if I made a gazillion dollars, I would not mind paying taxes. We dogs know that there is only so much money one can spend in a lifetime. I am seriously considering another run for the Presidency so that I can right this injustice to dogs. I might add that I have no idea how Mr. Obama feels about this matter, but Bo is in complete agreement with me. I've found that the First Dog is a very intelligent dog, and I'm glad he is one of my pals.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Taxes)

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