Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Let Mummies Get any Sweet Potatoes!

I am sorry to read about all the problems in Cairo. Since 2 mummies are missing their heads, I have to assume that there is yet another uprising of mummies in Egypt. Since I haven't heard both sides of the story, I'm not sure if the mummies are seeking revenge for the lost heads or if the people had to decapitate them because they were causing so much trouble. Either way it is sad that mummies are still causing problems after so many centuries. You would think they would realize by now that they aren't alive. On the other paw, I guess they might be mad that they are dead. Waking up and finding out that you are dead would tend to make a person angry! I am guessing that finding the cost of bandages have risen so much in recent centuries is not going to make them any happier.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, the mystery behind 200 dead cows has been solved. The culprit was sweet potatoes. I have heard of killer tomatoes, but killer sweet potatoes is a new one for me. The next time you see a sweet potato, I suggest you show it the proper respect so it doesn't grab a gun and shoot you. At least the cow deaths weren't caused by mummies because they are busy running amok in the streets of Egypt. Let's just hope the mummies don't get their paws on some sweet potatoes!

Demon Flash Bandit (Avoiding Sweet Potatoes)

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