Friday, January 21, 2011

Walmart's War

Walmart has announced that they plan to sell healthier foods in their stores. Does this mean that they have been carrying unhealthy foods up until now? Personally, I think this is part of their strategy of winning the war on Amazon. If you want to win a war, it is always a good idea to have soldiers who are in top condition. Since many of their employees shop at their stores, they can make sure they are in prime fighting shape. Perhaps they can add some drugs to the food to make sure that their customers don't buy from Amazon. I have to admit that at Christmas, my humans bought most of their stuff from Amazon. It was easier to shop from home, Amazon had a better selection and their prices were good. The best part was that they didn't have to fight Walmart's hordes of shoppers. This dog prefers that there be more than one store at which to shop, but Walmart does not share my opinion. Considering that they never want to hire enough employees, and shopping at our local one is no longer fun, I suspect that Amazon will win the war, and other stores will win also. In fact, my humans prefer Meijer, which is not nationwide, but it is better than Walmart here in Michigan.

Demon Flash Bandit (Better Be Careful Before you Declare War)


  1. My Mommy usually gives the Walmart store most of her monies...for foods and stuffs. I think mommy is healthy...not sure...she likes to eat a lot fur a hooman!


  2. We don't even try to drive near W******

    They are the true weapons of mass destrukhtion -