Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Demon Flash Bandit: Royal Wedding Consultant

I have shared many of the letters I receive from Elizabeth II, The Queen Lady. Today I am going to share a letter I wrote to her which is on its way as I write this. I read about the latest update on the wedding of William and Kate Middleton, and I knew that the Queen Lady would want to know my thoughts on the wedding plans.

Dear Queen Lady,
I know you are super busy with all the plans for the royal wedding of your grandson to Kate Middleton. I'm sure you are wondering what I think of those plans so I am writing to give you my thoughts on the subject. I think Rowan Williams is a wise choice to officiate the wedding. It is a shame the news did not spell his name correctly, but Robin Williams is an excellent choice. You must have watched the movie, License to Wed, where he played the minister. I thought that was a good movie, and it will lend a bit of humor to the wedding, which royal weddings are so unlikely to add. Kudos for thinking of him. I know he has played many varying roles so playing the Archbishop of Canterbury will be an easy one for him. I do hope that you don't expect everyone to read Canterbury Tales because I looked them over, and they are not written in English, despite what some teachers try to claim. I'm assuming that the wedding will be in English.

I don't have any specific advice on the clothing designer except that it would be wise not to ask for Angel Zoom Smokey's advice unless the bride and groom want to be dressed in fur. That is her fashion preference.

The music has not yet been announced, and I know it is because you asked the Howling Huskies to provide the music. We would love to oblige, but we are unable to get all the huskies together so it would be best if you choose another group. Perhaps you can get Sir Paul McCartney to provide the music. I know he isn't as well known as the Howling Huskies, but he has managed to get some notoriety in the field of music.

I have to go now. If you need any more of my input on the wedding plans, be sure and ask. I love helping you because you are a good friend.

Love, Demon Flash Bandit

I'm sure the Queen Lady will appreciate getting advice from a dog's perspective.

Demon Flash Bandit (Wedding Consultant)

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  1. I just know she'll utilise your suggestions!

    I see yet another khareer fur woo going furward!