Friday, January 14, 2011

Mushing to Burger King

Many sports the humans engage in do not involve dogs. However, dog sledding is a sport in which the dogs are the "stars". I have never personally pulled a sled, and I don't participate in sledding because it looks like a lot of work! It would be cool if the humans were pulling me and I was laying on the sled, but they let the humans come up with the idea, and they came up with the idea of dogs pulling the humans. I have decided that this is a sport that might actually be fun for a dog-particularly a dog like myself who was bred to pull sleds. The sport just needs some changes made by a dog. Dogs should only pull a sled if it is for short distances, like maybe 100 feet. After that, it is time to get out the car. I did devise a race like Iditarod in which the dogs start next door to Burger King and they mush directly to Burger King. The prize, of course, is some tasty burgers. The first to arrive also gets a vanilla milkshake. I've shared my idea with several dogs and all of them think it is the best dog race they have ever had the pleasure to hear about. I am pleased that, once again, I have come up with a brilliant plan.

Mommy got a catalog from Doctors Foster Smith, and I was pawing through it to see what interesting things they have for the humans to buy for me. As I have mentioned in the past, I do LOVE dingo bones. The catalog has some bones that kind of look like dingo bones, but they are called Toro bones. They have a bacon flavor middle. I have thought bacon was delicious since I was a puppy. Now all I have to do is persuade Mommy to place an order. Orders over $49.00 get free shipping so I think Mommy should order at least $50.00 worth to save money on shipping. I am always watching out for Mommy's financial situation because I am a good dog! I've got to go and cleverly hide that catalog inside a magazine Mommy normally reads so I can make her read an ad for Toro bones. I have to give Ralphie from A Christmas Story credit for coming up with that cleverness. A dog can learn a lot from watching movies.

Demon Flash Bandit (Would Love to Try Toro Bones)


  1. And humans khan learn alot from khanines that learn from watching movies!


  2. Though we do say there is something for getting the harnesses on and running down a trail. But we love the BK at the end of trail idea.