Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mama is Always Right--At least That is What Mama Says

I just finished watching a spoof done by Vicki Lawrence who was dressed as her character, Mama, about the fame recently experienced by Ted Williams, the man who was recently homeless. While it is sad that there are people who are homeless, and I have no problem with Mr. Williams getting some notoriety, she does have a point. He was lucky--and good luck is something that is very good to have. However, he isn't anything special. There are many talented people out there, and most of them aren't homeless. I understand exactly how she feels. This dog loves the television show, Mama's Family, and I like Vicki Lawrence. Many of the programs on television today are so bad that we depend largely on dvds for entertainment around here. There is no way that I am going to sit around watching some human reality show with a bunch of humans who have so many self created problems that us dogs can't understand how the other humans can even watch them and not feel that the whole human race is doomed to stupidity. It makes no sense that a dog of my handsomeness and intelligence--not to mention writing talent doesn't have my own television show or movie. How can so many humans be given that opportunity when they don't deserve it? I don't mind Ted Williams having his chance, and I wish him well; but Mama does have a point. Perhaps if the humans learned that it is a good idea to work to better themselves, maybe the world would be a better place than if they just wait to have things dumped into their laps.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fan Of Mama's Family)


  1. We love Vicki (and Carol and Tim and Harvey - grins - ok, we loved that show). Nowadays, we pretty much just never turn the TV on. Oh well.

  2. I loved Vicki Lawrence too. She is still performing on the road. I saw her about 3 years ago in Brighton, MI.