Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr. Peabody: Watch out for the Zombie!!!!

Robert Downey Jr. has finally been cast in the role of a lifetime. He is going to be Mr. Peabody in the animated movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Mr. Peabody used to make appearances on Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mr. Peabody is a super intelligent dog, and Sherman is the boy he "adopted". I'm sure that Robert Downey Jr. is ecstatically happy that he has been chosen to play the role of a dog. That is what all the human actors aspire to play--a dog.

On the subject of a super intelligent dog, my humans have been watching the new television series, The Walking Dead. It is a show about zombies. Because I've been watching it with them, I had to face the scenario of what would happen to me if zombies started running around loose like they do in that show. I even looked to find possible survival scenarios on the web just so I would be prepared. Some of them were helpful--like the one that said head for Costco which makes sense. You would have survival supplies for quite some time if you were hiding in a Costco. However, it took me very little time before I realized that, once again, the humans are wrong. I will explain how I reached this conclusion. First and most important: the zombies want to eat brains. I've observed the humans long enough to tell you that the zombies are going to starve if they are trying to live off human brains. If the humans don't own a dog, they barely have sense enough to come in out of the rain--why do you think they take baths? There aren't many dogs who voluntarily take a bath. That is because we have brains! You don't see a dog wasting time and money adding a room to a house just for getting wet. Even most cats have more sense than to want a bath! Birds are another story--the humans even have bird baths for them, which proves that birds have no brains. But I digest or digress---where is my Burger King--I prefer to digest. You know Hollywood has gotten the whole zombie thing wrong in movies and television. If a zombie is after brains, then the humans are safe. Dogs are the ones who have to worry since zombies will be after us for our superior brain power. This is why it is so important for all dogs to know what to expect and to have a plan because in real life, the zombies will be after us. Mr. Peabody had better take Sherman and head for Costco....he is a super smart dog, and will be a very attractive meal for a zombie.

Demon Flash Bandit (Warning of Dangers of Zombie Attack)

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