Saturday, January 1, 2011

Phantom Fast Snowman Did Some Celebrating!

My humans celebrated New Year's Eve by staying home with Angel Zoom Smokey and myself. Since Angel and myself were available, it was senseless to leave the house. We had a nice time, and mainly watched television or spent some time on the computer. My human brother William, spent the night. However, we did have one member of the family who had a bit too much gin. Phantom Fast Snowman, our stunt dog, took partying very seriously--particularly after having some gin. Phantom's photo is on my blog today. We hid the keys to the car so that Phantom wouldn't get any ideas about going for a drive while drunk. I know he was already at home and didn't need to go anywhere, but when he gets into the gin, you never know what he is going to decide to do.

During the Christmas season, cookies being baked is a major holiday tradition. As usual, the police around the world have had to deal with many instances of gingerbread men causing problems. They usually run away from the baker, and then they sing annoying songs about not being able to catch them. Since the fox is the one who finally outsmarted the gingerbread man in the past, the police have put their canine officers in charge of apprehending the gingerbread criminals. None have been brought to court. The police aren't quite sure why, but they seem to disappear once they are found. The dogs say they are magical, and have the power to become invisible. That sounds like a reasonable assumption to me. On the subject of gingerbread, there has been a recall on gingerbread houses made by Rolf's Patisserie. I suggest that you don't eat a house made by this company.

When I write about criminal gingerbread men who run from justice, I like to be able to include good news as well. Fred Smith had went to the bank and withdrawn $1200. to use to buy Christmas gifts. He stopped to eat at Walt's Barbecue in Cincinnati, Ohio; and accidentally forgot the money. His waitress, Tricia Ayers, turned in the money and it was waiting at the restaurant for him to come and claim it. That waitress deserves the Demon Flash Bandit award for excellence. There are lots of good humans in the world which is why I like to mention them in my blog.

I hope that my readers have a very healthy and happy new year ahead.

Demon Flash Bandit (Glad To Have a Stunt Dog)

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  1. Substitute Prosekhkho and woo would have a pretty good idea of how things looked here Saturday morning!

    Here's a pawesome 2011!