Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bye, Bye Blackbirds!

Bark about a new year starting out great for a dog--1,000 red winged black birds have fallen from the sky dead in Beebe, Arkansas as I discussed in a previous blog. Now it seems that the amount was underestimated. The latest news says it was 4,000 to 5,000. Today the news has another story about birds falling dead in Pointe Coupee parish, Louisiana. This time the number is 500, and they are red winged black birds and starlings. I have been playing an old song all day---Bye Bye Blackbird. Of course, when I sing along it is a more upbeat, happy song. I can't think of anything this dog loves more than saying goodbye to those evil snow stealing birds!

Pawnation has an article about people paying $100,000 to clone their dogs. This dog thinks it would make a lot more sense to just buy or adopt another dog that needs a home. I personally don't think a clone would ever be just like the original because, whether human or canine, an individual is also shaped by the events in their lives, and it would be impossible to have the exact same events happen. Things do change with time, and the individuals react to those changes so I just don't see how a clone could ever be an exact duplicate of the original. Besides, the dogs who have passed on tell me that paradise is on the other side of the bridge and the Burger King is free and all a dog can eat!

It is time for me to get back to singing Bye, Bye Blackbird!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dead Bird Count Up)


  1. Blakhkbird singing in the DEAD of night...

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe 4 and 20 fur a pie?

  2. I should have played the Beatles for Demon, but I recently watched Public Enemy, and they used the old song, Bye Bye Blackbird. He must have been listening.