Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clones, Zombies, and Cats in Politics

I'm wondering why the humans act like cloning is something new and untried. It has been done for centuries. I noticed this when I was looking at some little statuettes that my brother has of the Presidents. I think it might be a little out of date since the last President is Richard Nixon. However, as I was studying it, I noticed that Presidents have already been cloned in the past. There was John Adams, and John Quincy Adams--the Quincy being added to signify he was the clone. He also liked the television show, Quincy, about the medical examiner. John Adams never missed that program. There were also the Roosevelt clones-Theodore and Franklin. Of course, everyone is familiar with the more recent clones--George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. It is nice to know that the United States has always tried to keep pace with the latest scientific discoveries.

I noticed a couple of other things that didn't involve cloning, but are well worth mentioning. I suspect that Richard Nixon must have been a zombie. Have you seen videos of him? The man didn't move much so I have to assume that is because of his being a zombie. His successor, Gerald Ford, was probably a space alien because he was always falling down, and I can only conclude that was because the atmosphere of Earth made it hard for him to adjust.

The worst insult to the American people is Garfield being President. Whose idea was it to allow a cat to be President? I can understand a dog being President, but a CAT? What were the humans thinking? I also wonder, with a cat as President, why was there never a war on birds declared? Was he too busy annoying Odie, the First Dog?

Many of the past Presidents have excelled in other areas too. Abraham Lincoln wasn't just a President, but he also invented a car that bears his name. Zachary Taylor was busy running a company in the garment district so he was also a man who wasn't just satisfied to run the country. Franklin Pierce was an expert swordsman. How do you think he earned the name, Pierce? Chester E. Arthur was a writer. Grover Cleveland owned a city in Ohio. Gerald Ford was also an inventor--he invented a car also.

The only thing I want to know is why hasn't there been a dog as President? I think we would do a much better job, and even if we don't, we would look cute making speeches.

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  1. I thinks we definitely need a Siberian in da White House! Some pup that can lead!! A lead dog!!! Haroooooo!