Sunday, January 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Zombie TShirts

With the royal wedding happening in the spring, I thought my readers would like to read a copy of the letter I just mailed to my friend, The Queen Lady, Elizabeth II.

Dear Queen Lady,

I know you are super busy planning the royal wedding for your grandson, but I was just wondering what you think of the tshirts that depict the couple as zombies. I can understand if you approved them because zombies seem to be quite popular, and it would help increase your household budget. It just didn't seem like something of which you would approve. I also wanted to suggest that, given the popularity of the movie Twilight, you might suggest vampire tshirts and/or werewolf tshirts. You have to act while the wedding is big news. When it is over, it will be hard to sell these items. I think the Lego HappyLand Royal Wedding set is a good idea. If you want the money from the small children, you have to go with toys because they don't tend to care much about clothing. I do think that you should consider marketing a video game of the wedding. I could see several versions that would be big sellers. For girls, you can let them plan a "dream" wedding even down to designing their own gown. For the boys, you can have something more unusual (like zombies taking over the wedding).

I do hope that you have approved of all of these items because I know how it is being famous. Many times I have found Demon Flash Bandit items on sale that did not get my approval. I usually solve the problem by sending in Angel Zoom Smokey to give out some puppy slaps of justice. She said to tell you that if you need her, she is available.

I do hope the wedding goes well, and that you are able to keep any stupid merchandise from being sold.

Your pal, Demon Flash Bandit

I'm sure my readers will be rushing to order their own zombie tshirts.

Demon Flash Bandit (Zombie Tshirts are Cool)


  1. Woo should take over the Federal Deficit! I believes woo would have us straight in no time!!! Even with Zombies! BOL!!


  2. Another pawesome suggestion DFB!

    I khan only imagine what the team of MeeshCO of DFB khould produce!

    PeeEssWoo: My word is PUGGLE - how did a PUGGLE get here?