Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Comments on Various Topics

In Crystal Lake, Illinois, a 4 pound chihuahua was almost taken by an owl when out for a walk with the dog's human. How many times do I have to warn the humans of bird treachery before they listen? Now there is talk of making the Angry Birds game into a television show. The world does not need a television show about birds unless it is bird recipes.

Speaking of television shows, I'm not a fan of reality shows, and neither are my humans, but I am really wondering why they have one called the Real Housewives of OC. I'm sure these women can't help having obsessive compulsive disorder, but I hardly think it is worthy of filming a television show about them. Do the humans really enjoy watching other humans clean excessively. I bet their dogs are miserable. Dogs enjoy dirt, and most obsessive compulsive humans do not--unless you get one that is compulsively messy. In that case, the dog is in doggy heaven.

Am I the only dog who thinks that Cesar Milan should be called the Dog Shouter instead of the Dog Whisperer? I know if he came to my house to try to train me, he had better start yelling because if he is only whispering, this dog isn't listening. If a dog can't hear the "instructions", he can't be expected to follow them. I would have him on a technicality.

It is nap time and nap time is always super important to me. Come back tomorrow for more of my words of wisdom.

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