Monday, January 31, 2011

Ken And Barbie--Hope They Get Back Together!

Celebrity couples breaking up is hardly news, but this dog was saddened back in 2004 when Barbie and Ken broke up. They had been dating for 43 years so you would think that they would stay together after investing all that time in each other. Mommy happens to be fond of Barbie. I agree with her. Both of us couldn't believe that her "rival" the Bratz doll, would even leave the store shelves. Mommy said the doll was ugly, and I have to agree with her. Anyway, at least we know that Ken didn't leave Barbie to go after one of those dolls. Then a couple of days ago, I read some good news. Ken plans to win Barbie back by Valentine's Day. I hope he can do so because it would be good to see Ken and Barbie back together again. It will probably be hard for Ken though because, from my observation, Barbie is used to being spoiled so it might take a lot to win her back. Good luck, Ken. If you need some advice, I'm available, and I happen to be very popular with the girl dogs.
In other news, Henry Cavill has been chosen to play Superman in the reboot of the movie. This dog was okay with Routh playing the part again, but I think Cavill will do a good job. There is only one problem I have with Superman. You know when they say, It's a bird, it's a plane.....I don't care for the bird part. If Superman were a bird, Lex Luthor wouldn't be the only one exposing him to kryptonite. Demon Flash Bandit would be sending Superman the gift of kryptonite too. The last thing we need on Earth is an alien bird!
Demon Flash Bandit (Offering Advice to Ken)

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