Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Had a Napmare About Legends of the Guardians

I usually write my blog earlier in the day, but as the humans say: better late than clever. I know it doesn't make any sense, but how often do the humans make sense? I think they say that because they aren't clever. If they were, they would have never made the movie I wrote about yesterday, Legends of the Guardians. I was having napmares about that movie today. Isn't it bad enough that birds are evil and steal my snow and drop bird bombs on everyone? In the movie, some of them were wearing armor and having sword fights. Do birds really need swords, and who makes them small enough for birds? When a stupid bird swoops down from the sky and stabs a human in the face, maybe then the humans will listen to my warnings. I might add that Legends of the Guardians is no Lord of the Rings no matter how much they use the sword fighting.

For those of you who read the celebrity gossip, don't pay any attention to the story about Ryan Reynolds dating Sandra Bullock. That was made up to sell tabloids. The real story is that Sandra Bullock is dating Keanu Reeves. This comes from a very reliable source. Yes, I dreamed it when I was napping. You can't get any more reliable than that. A dream is right up there with fortune cookies. Speaking of fortune cookies, I would like to eat one now. Those are tasty cookies. I think they are even better than milkbones. I have a box of milkbone in my paws now, and I think it is time for another nap. Did you know that a milkbone box makes a great pillow?

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