Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Are Welcome

I am going to share one of the "headlines" on news today. It says, birds in trouble? You bet. Here's why: The reason is because of me, Demon Flash Bandit. Of course, that isn't what they put in the article, but all of us know who is responsible for the public service. I have been alerting all dogs and all the humans who will listen to reason that birds are plotting to take over the world. Those birds thought they could get by with stealing my snow and singing about it, but they were wrong. This dog is fluent in bird, and I know what they are saying. I proceeded to warn others, and an army of dogs is watching for birds. I'm still talking with Bo Obama, who is trying to get the United States to declare war on the little feathered varmints. Even the first dog has trouble getting the humans to listen! Now, in addition to the dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana, there are dead birds in Kentucky and Sweden. Vietnam has 150 tons of red tipala dead and Britain has lost 40,000 crabs (which is probably a good thing since no one enjoys being around grouches). There is also a paralysis virus affecting crickets. This is affecting the pet supply industry since most of these crickets are sold to pet supply places to feed snakes. It seems to me that a paralysis virus would be a good thing. If the cricket is paralyzed, it would make it harder for him to hop away from the dinner plate. One in six bird species is in danger of extinction. Yes, I have done my job well. My snow will be safe! By the way, I know how much everyone appreciates my work and my response would be to tell everyone: you are welcome!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Birds)

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  1. Woo has been furry busy!! And yes, I appreciates woo !!!!

    Mya Boo Boo