Thursday, March 10, 2016

Angel Zoom Smokey is 9 Years Old

The big party here is winding down.  I don't need to go into details since it was all over the tabloids.  However, I will write about the party for the dogs who wisely spend their cash on milk bones. Sunday, March 6 was Angel Zoom Smokey's Wolfday (the humans call it a birthday).  Angel Zoom Smokey is 9 years old.  Time passes so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday that Mommy drove down to Ohio to get Angel from her breeder.  Ah, the memories.  When I met Angel and her sister, they  barked at me.  I was nice and did not bark at them.  Imagine my shock when my humom put her in the car with us when we left.  Humom thought I was lonely and needed another dog.  This is a classic case of humans making stupid assumptions without consulting the dog!

When we got home, I tried to be nice to her
  I politely showed her MY stuff, and she had no respect for my possessions.  I got out the camera to take photos of her.  She hid from the camera which was very annoying.  I needed a photo to sell her on eBay.  After all, she was bothering stuff that belonged to the humans too.  Since then, I've learned that ebay does not allow pet sales. I can only assume it is run by humans.

I could go on further about her personality. but sometimes now I do play with her and give her a kiss.  Getting the same toys as she does on her wolfday helps.
Humom ordered us our own bacon  pizza from Hungry Howies.  Those nice people will bring food right to your door.  We got new toys, and a special birtday cake for dogs.   It was good.  I didn't mean to spend so much time on Memory Lane.  However, things did turn out okay in the long run.  Mom said to thank Frank and Deboraha Pusateri in Ohio for breeding Angel Zoom Smokey.

Demon Flash Bandit (Remembering)


  1. Belated greetings to your sisfur, DFB! And congrats to you fur being a tolerant big brofur and mentor...Woofs!