Friday, March 18, 2016

Leading the pack

With the election getting more attention  I decided to post a photo of my bumper sticker. This was designed by my brother, William.  We are waiting to get a batch of them from the printer.  I decided to start talking about my campaign before the voters get tired of hearing about politics, and start watching something intellectual like Spongebob Squarepants instead.

I'm sure all the candidates are nice humans who mean well, but they still think like humans.  It also means they are gullible.  For example, when Mr. Trump suggested that the gold in Fort Knox be replaced with acorns, I can only assume he is listening to his squirrel he calls hair.  You don't pay attention to squirrels. They aren't wise like owls. Squirrels are meant to be chased.  In my opinion, it would make more sense to be on a milkbone standard.  However, I won't make any changes because I don't want to lock milkbones in a vault.  Milkbones were meant to be eaten by a dog.

Wouldn't you prefer to see my face on television giving the state of the union address rather than Sanders or Hilary?  I'm much handsomer than either of them.

A dog like me should  be president because it takes a lead dog to lead the pack.

Demon Flash Bandit (Lead Dog)

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  1. Yeah, I'd vote for you. I can't trust dat Trump guy, what wif da skwerril on his head.