Saturday, March 26, 2016

Demon Flash Bandit's Craft Corner

Before I start this blog, I want to let my readers know that I and my humans have been to Detroit many times.  It has some wonderful museums and many places of interest.  I hope it solves its problems.  All cities and towns have  some kind of problem.

Today, I want you to imagine a scenario where you are lost in the wilderness.  Whether you are alone or with your human, we dogs know that fate is in our paws.  In fact, chances are the human is the one who got us lost.  Cell phones are useless if the area has no signal or the batteries are dead.  You are then facing 1970's lack of  technology. I have no idea why so many humans like to go hiking or camping in a tent.  My wolf ancestors had enough sense to make friends so we could warm ourselves in front of their fire and share their food.  Sitting in front of a fire with a full tummy while taking a nap or getting a tummy rub is pure bliss for a dog!  My idea of a perfect vacation involves an app showing all the Burger King locations.  A dog has to eat.  Anyhow, let's say you followed your semi brainless human on a wilderness hike and your human and you both are hopelessly lost.  Sure, you'll be the hero who uses your vast intellect to get back to civilization.  However, it might take a couple of days.  Although some humans carry pocket knives, chances are the stupid human who gets lost in the wilderness is one who doesn't.  This is why the information on is so useful.  You can look up "how to make a knife out of a bone.  I know it is not what a dog wants to do with the bone that was supposed to be a snack.  It is a shame that a dog has to sacrifice a bone because he has to help his human.  Personally, I will make that kind of sacrifice because I love my humans.  Make sure you check for the information before you go.  If you can't use a cell phone, you won't get the Internet either.

Demon Flash Bandit (Crafty Dog)

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