Monday, March 21, 2016

Fairview is Detroit, Michiham

Humom has been watching a Television series called Desperate Housewives.   It was on the air for 8 seasons-yeah, 8 long boring seasons, and humom watched all of them.  The show consisted of a bunch of housewives socializing which is code for gossiping, complaining, and drinking more wine than an alcoholic
wino.  There were 2 houses in the neighborhood that burned down, and there were several murders.  Several of the husbands had been in prison.  There were no dogs in the neighborhood because no dog wanted to live there. Even Angel hated the show.  How humom could watch was  beyond understanding for Angel and me.

I could not keep from wondering where this neighborhood called Fairview was located I did some research, and it is in Detroit
 Michigan. For 4 years in the last century, there was a city which was annexed by the city of Detroit called Fairview.  In fact, one of the streets that my human dad grew up one was one of border streets, Bewick.  He had no idea it was at one time in a different city.  How did I know it was Detroit?  When 2 houses burned down, and there, were several murders,  I got suspicious.  Most if not all the children were in private schools which, judging from the Detroit schools makes sense.  It also explains why Bree had so many guns.  A lot of people there sleep with their guns.  They tried to disguise the city by not having crack houses, but you can't fool this dog.

Demon Flash Bandit (I'm No Fool)

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