Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Don't do it Yourself

Today I am trying.something new.  I am typing this blog myself.  My human is way too incompetent and sometimes goes a day or two without writing.  She is in chronic pain, I think she needs to bark it off.  What better way to bark than in a blog?    Besides, she knows my readers depend on my observations and wisdom to get through the day!

My new topic is inspired by my brother, William, who is still mourning the closing of Radio Shack, it involves a do it yourself project.  He found a site on the web that shows how to make a "speaker" from an  aluminum beer or soda can. He thinks it would make a great project.  I say he already has speakers and should stick with the ones already has.  You have to cut the can, which means that very often the human will cut off a finger along with the can.  I know I am cynical about the talents (or  the lack of talent) among the humans.  This is why so many humans run up medical bills and lose fingers.  I think the humans should take a lesson from us dogs and-buy the item at the store.  Use the time  you would waste building it to enjoy a nice nap.  Why do you think dogs are happier than humans?  We would prefer to nap rather than work.

I know typing this blog myself goes against today's subject  However, in dealing with humans, sometimes a dog has to take matters into his own paws  get it done.

Demon Flash Bandit   Dog Who Likes to Relax) chi


  1. I finks taking matters into your own paws works every time!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Thank you again for my luffly goodies, I haf posted pictures on my blog today xxx

  2. Crikey Demon ..... your Mom's in chronic pain????? Is she ok? I hope you're looking after her.
    You are right, as usual!! I don't think William's idea is such a good one. I hope he manages to keep all his fingers.
    Good job on the typing, mate!! Naturally, I couldn't find one error. Unlike when your human types for you, aye??