Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 Iditarod Sled Race

It is that time of year again--time for the great dog sled race, Iditarod, in Alaska.  This race commemorates the time almost 100 years ago when the sled dogs delivered the diptheria serum to save the children in Nome, Alaska.  Talk about no good deed going unpunished, the dogs made that awful trek and now every year the humans have turned it into a sled race---1,000 miles the dogs have to run.  This dog thinks that if there is a race to honor the dogs who did such a heroic thing it should be the humans pulling the dogs to the local Burger King to order some Whoppers for the dogs (hold the lettuce, tomato onions, pickles,  mustard, ketchup, and yes, even the buns)  This brings me to my blog topic of the day.  Humans always think that they know what their dogs are thinking--an a few of them do, but most of them are clueless.  A lot of humans think that their dogs want to run in a race like that, but I an assure you, as a Siberian husky, I prefer to nap and enjoy life.  I do love whoppers so at least that much is correct.  Why do humans assume they know what their dogs want when most of them have no idea what they want for themselves?  This is why we dogs should be running the world so we can think for the humans.  Humans have such difficulty thinking for themselves.  One concern I have is that they are having to move the race further north because there isn't enough snow in Anchorage.  I do not like global warming and birds must be stopped--they are the ones causing it!

Demon Flash Bandit (Iditarod Sled Race)

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  1. What a pawfect idea there… I could ride in a crystal Princess carriage pulled by Mum and Dad! Yep. that works for me
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx