Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pupperoni Pizza Should be Illegal

Yesterday my humans ordered pizza for dinner, and my brother's pizza had pupperoni on it.  I think that pupperoni pizza should be outlawed.  I can't see one good reason for a dog to be turned into pupperoni and put on pizzas.  I think it is both repulsive and disgusting, and it should not be legal to use dog meat on pizzas.  I bet the humans wouldn't be happy if the pizza had humaroni on it, and I wouldn't blame them.  I wouldn't want to eat humaroni anymore than I want to eat pupperoni.  I have a couple of friends of the cat persuasion, and they want to order rataroni pizzas, but evidently, you can't buy rataroni.  A couple of the more enterprising cats I know chase some rats and put them on the pizza themselves.  Cats can be annoying, but they know what they like to eat!, and don't mind "chasing" their dinner!
Demon Flash Bandit (Pupperoni Pizza)

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