Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm Justified!!!

My human was watching the third season of Justified  last night so I was watching it with her to keep her company. One scene really made me wonder about the humans.  Two men were digging  a grave for a former friend that they had killed.  One was complaining about why they were out in the cold burying a traitor.  The other man answered that even though he was a traitor now, they had at one time been friends so he would get a "proper" burial.  The original man who was complaining said, "your Daddy used to say that once you've made up your mind to kill a man, there ain't nothing to talk about.  I suppose he has a point, but this dog is wondering---what must life have been like in that family.

Picture the scene--daytime--in the house of the dad who didn't believe in complaining.  The family is gathered around the table where the dad says, "let's say grace".  They bow their heads in prayer, and the father says, "Thanks for the food and for creatures that need to be killed!  Amen.  Remember children, "if you have decided to kill a man, there is ain't no need for talking.

Demon Flash Bandit (Watching Justified)

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