Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Johnny Depp!

I didn't write a blog yesterday so these birthday wishes will be late, but Happy Birthday Johnny Depp.  I happen to think he is a great actor, and he is almost as handsome as I am.  Considering he is a human, that is quite an accomplishment because humans just don't tend to look nearly as cute as the average dog!  We have been up for many of the same parts.  Since Johnny is willing to work cheaper than I, he has gotten a lot of parts that I could have taken, but decided they weren't worth my trouble.  Studios tend to be too cheap to get a super great dog like me to headline their movies.  Sure, I would have been a great Capt. Jack Sparrow on Pirates, but I'm a he-man type dog, and I wouldn't have wanted to play him like Johnny did because I have a reputation to uphold among the bitches.  Yes, the girl dogs love me!!!   Besides, that movie was filmed entirely too close to the ocean, and I could have accidentally gotten wet which is way too much like taking a bath.  I don't take baths voluntarily so I couldn't take the chance that I might end up getting an accidental bath!  I hope Johnny had a happy birthday, and I hope he appreciates the roles I have given up for him.  If I had been seriously interested in any of the roles, none of the humans would have had a chance at them. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Wishing Johnny Depp a Happy Birthday!

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