Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kitchen Treasure!

I was walking through the kitchen yesterday when an aroma reached my nostrils that I found very enjoyable to sniff.  The smell was coming from a container that has a black bag in it that the humans call the "garbage".  I know from past experience that I've smelled tantalizing aromas coming from that area before, so it is well worth the trouble to go over and check out the trash.  I walked over the the garbage can, and knocked it over so I could see all the wonderful things the overly wasteful humans are throwing  out.  I was so happy to discover that I had hit the jackpot.  In the garbage was a zip lock bag of fried chicken.  I knocked over the garbage can so that I could get to the bag, and then I carried the bag with me so I'd have it when I woke from my nap.  However, the humans saw me with it, and they took it away from me.  They have heard that dogs can have problems if they eat chicken bones.  I think this is yet another sneaky attempt by the humans to hoard the chicken bones for themselves....and they looked and smelled so delicious!

Demon Flash Bandit (Treasure Hunter)

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