Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paul Newmans Organic Peanut Butter Treats

Today I am going to give a product review of a product I was given at Christmas by my pal, Raja.  The item is Newman's Own Organics Premium Dog Treats--Peanut butter flavor.  This product is made with barley flour, natural peanut butter, carrots, apples, ground chicken, blackstrap molasses, chicken fat, rolled oats, tumeric, nautral peanut flour, and rosemary extract.  No wheat or corn was used in this product.  This product is delicious and that is also the opinion of Angel Zoom Smokey although I am a much pickier eater than Angel so my endorsement means more.  The bags I received said best used by March 19, 2014, and they are gone already so there is no danger of them sitting around and going past their date--at least not with Angel Zoom Smokey and myself around.  This product was made because the Newman's dog wrote a tell-all book, and the Newman family was trying to quiet the dog from publishing the book.  I can tell you that if I wrote a tell-all book about my family and had to choose between eating this delicious treat and publishing my book, it would be a very difficult decision. 

My pal, Raja, who gave me these delicious treats, is a shih tzu, and has written a book called the Journey of the Shih Tzu-more information on the book can be found here:
Raja's book is a very well done book, and I would recommend it for dog lovers and particularly for those who love shih tzus. 

Be sure and pick up some of those Paul Newman's treats.  They are delicious!!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Product Reviewer)

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