Friday, February 22, 2013

Identifying Bad From Good Humans

I've been thinking about how much easier things would be in the world if you could tell the good humans from the bad humans.  After giving this idea some thought, as usual, my genius brain has come up with a solution.  This solution has already been used on old television westerns, but when something works, it works.  The answer is to require all the bad humans to wear "bad clothing" so you can tell them from the good humans.  Just look at the old westerns.  The bad guys always wore black hats while the good humans wore white hats.  Since baseball caps that say things are popular now, it is even easier to label the bad guys.  A hat can say, "I'm a thief" or "I'm a murderer" if you want to get more specific.  The hats can even say, "I'm a jerk" so that the humans who aren't necessarily bad, but are still not fun to be around can be identified ahead of time.  This would save a lot of time that is wasted on them at the present time.  In addition, some hats could say, "I'm cheap with dogs" so we dogs can know not to adopt them as our humans.  All that needs to be done is for the humans to pass a law requiring other humans to wear the special clothing so that we dogs can tell the humans apart.  Many dogs can tell by smelling the humans in question so this is mainly good for the humans who can't smell their way out of a paper bag.  Humans are definitely smell challenged!

Demon Flash Bandit (Telling the Difference Between Good and Bad Humans)

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