Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everyone Poops Except Demon Flash Bandit

Life around my house has been very exciting today.  I was in the news because I am suing the publishers of the book. Everyone Poops for slander and for hurting my image.  Since I do not poop, the book is erroneous in its title.  I am not interested in money (although some dingo bones would be nice).  Mainly I  want all future printing of the book to be titled, Everyone Poops Except Demon Flash Bandit.  This book was written by Taro Gomi, and has been translated into English, Spanish, and Thai which is one reason that the title is so important to me.  When a book has an erroneous title, and is translated into different languages, it makes it look like a non-pooping dog does poop to everyone in the world.    Just in case, the humans at Pet X in Howell, Michigan say that I pooped in their store after going to the veterinarian, pay no attention to those lies.  That was not me.  I was framed by the 3 pawed dog.  The humans even made a television program and a movie about the incident called Fugitive Pooper.  Of course, they left out the "Pooper" when it aired because they thought some of the humans might be offended by the entire title.  I have spent much of my life trying to track the fugitive pooper who made it look like I pooped in the store in an effort to ruin my reputation.  I hope that the case moves quickly in court because children who read the book need to know that everyone does poop--except  me, Demon Flash Bandit!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog who Does Not Poop)

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