Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hoarding: Buried Alive--King Tut's Episode

Today I am going to share a passage from a day in Gahiji's diary.  For those who haven't read about Gahiji in my past blogs, Gahiji is an ancient Egyptian dog whose ancient diary I found at a garage sale--where a dog expects to find priceless antiquities. 

Today I stopped at the Papyrus stand to get a copy of  "Pharoah's Press".  I know some dogs buy it to read the news, but I was more interested in getting the television schedule.  Tonight a new show is airing called, Hoarding:  Buried Alive.  In  tonight's episode, they are going to deal with King Tutankhamun's hoarding issues in his pyramid.  King Tut even has 81 pairs of shoes in there, and I suspect that a dead person does not really need more than one pair.  Obviously, King Tut has a problem with hoarding.  You'd think he is putting stuff in there that will last him for thousands of years.  In fact, he got so out of paw with the hoarding, that he ended up actually being buried in there with his stuff.  I will share a photo with you of what the pyramid looked like when Carter first went in to discuss his hoarding issues with him:

The only problem I see with this episode is that, you know with him being the "king", he isn't going to want to listen to the people who try to help him.  I bet he continues his hoarding and won't throw out anything.

Gahiji (Ancient Egyptian Dog)

I always enjoy sharing a day in the life of Gahiji, the ancient Egyptian dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sharing a Diary Entry of Gahiji, Ancient Egyptian Dog)

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