Saturday, February 23, 2013

Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

This movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, is the latest sequel in the Die Hard movie franchise.  It stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, and Jai Courtney as his son, Jack McClane.  In this movie, John goes to Moscow, Russia to rescue his son who he thinks is in serious trouble only to find that his son is a well trained CIA agent.  I could not keep from thinking that if John McClane had put his gun down for 5 or 6 minutes during Jack's childhood, maybe he would have known his son better.  Of course, then he wouldn't have ended up in Russia and we wouldn't have had a new movie to watch so I guess it worked out for the best.  If you want to see a movie that combines car chases with lots of gunfire and destruction, then this is the movie for you.  Personally, this is not what I enjoy in a movie so it won't be getting as good a rating from me as many of the previous movies I've seen.  I give it 2 paws up which is about a 3.5 out of 10 on the human movie scale.  I'm sure that many of the humans will enjoy this movie, but they didn't even have the common sense to have a dog cameo to make the movie better.  Of course, judging from all the shooting, my guess is that no dog wanted to cameo in that particular movie just in case the shooting got out of paw, and the dog might be shot.  As usual, we dogs are always smarter than the humans. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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