Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ancient Aliens---A Dog's Viewpoint

My humans have been watching the television program, Ancient Aliens, and the program is always showing examples of things from the ancient world that could have some connections to extraterrestrials who visited Earth in ancient times.  Everytime I watch this program, I wonder why they don't ever mention Marvin the Martian who has appeared in Bug Bunny cartoons.  He is definitely an alien since he is from Mars.  It is a shame that none of the humans producing the show has ever discussed their ideas with their dogs or they would get a much more comprehensive view of the "extraterrestrials" subject.  Since the "aliens" who have visited the Earth look like humans in space suits, then they obviuosly are the aliens of less intelligence.  The higher intelligent aliens are dogs who are busy napping while they send their intellectual underlings to Earth to deal with the humans in ancient times. The humans on Earth were just too stupid for the dogs to have to deal with.   When the Earthlings reach a higher level of intelligence, then the dogs will come to Earth and start teaching the humans  the things they need to learn in order to survive.  Marvin the Martian looks like a bird so he is the kind of alien that the humans should avoid because birds are always evil.  There are no exceptions.  If the alien looks like a bird, then avoid that alien because that alien is dangerous!!! 

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Ancient Aliens)

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