Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Crystal Bone is Safe!

It seems that the actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, thinks she might be psychic. I immediately went to check on my crystal bone. Since I did my psychic blog in which I predict the future, I had to make sure that Bryce had not broken into my house and stolen my precious crystal bone. Thank dog it is still there! I think she is just trying to copy me because all the celebrites want to be more like me, Demon Flash Bandit. To be honest, I can't blame them. I am one awesome dog! Besides, I bet they want to eat Burger King more often too.

I saw on the news that Texas has sent a sales tax bill to Amazon.com for 269 million dollars. Someone should inform the state of Texas that sales tax is paid by the buyers--not the merchant, and therefore, the tax should be levied in advance so the merchant knows to charge said tax. If I owned Amazon, I would shut down the Texas distribution center immediately and move it elsewhere. Some states would actually welcome the distribution center. I'm waiting to see if the humans running Amazon think logically like Demon Flash Bandit or not. You would be surprised at just how illogical some of the humans can be. I'm not saying that Amazon should or should not charge sales tax, but you should not send a bill until it is legally decided and the business has a chance to make the charge. Shame on Texas for not having common sense.

It is windy here today, and I hear the stupid tornado siren going off so I'd better sign off now.

Demon Flash Bandit (Sometimes a Political Commentator)

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