Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Fortune and Good Decorating--All in One Blog

I have some exciting news to share with my readers. Mommy and Jeff ate at the Chinese restaurant yesterday, and as usual, they brought home their fortune cookies to Angel Zoom Smokey and myself. We LOVE fortune cookies, and in the past the fortunes have been amazingly accurate. My fortune yesterday was: "Something on four wheels will soon be a fun investment for you". I was so excited when I read that---I am getting a car!!!!! I have wanted to drive since I was a puppy, but I never expected to get my own car!!!!! I just thought I would have to drive the humans' car. Now, thanks to the fortune, I know I will be getting my OWN car. I'm so excited I can hardly wait until this prediction comes true. Imagine me, Demon Flash Bandit, cruising down the road in my new car. I hope it is a convertible. I loved riding in Daddy's convertible. I didn't even have to stick my head out the window to feel the wind in my fur. To show what a great dog I am, I'll even let Angel Zoom Smokey ride in the passenger seat.

On the home front, I have decided to put myself in charge of holiday decorating for Howloween. I plan to go and catch some decorations. I plan to decorate with the usual things--dead birds (my favorite), dead rats, dead possums, etc. because I plan to have a dead varmint motif. The best thing about the decorating scheme is that Angel Zoom Smokey and myself will have lots of bones to munch on after the holiday. I have to admit that I am hoping the dead varmint motif will scare the little trick or treaters into avoiding the house and then all the candy will be mine, mine, mine, MINE!!!!! My humans are idiots. I say the human puppies are stealing the candy, but my humans are accessories. They stand there like idiots just giving it to the children and the children don't even have guns or anything to make my humans give the candy to them. If a child got candy from Angel Zoom Smokey or myself, they had better have a gun on them and be ready to use it. We don't give up candy easily.

Demon Flash Bandit (Howloween Decorating Coordinator)

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  1. Thanks fur planting the seed fur some oriental goodness here furry soon -

    I khan see the drool starting -

    Oh wait, she's always like that -

    PeeEssWoo: Fortune khookies do rokhk!