Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Conclusion

I usually check out the news on everyday, and one thing that I find interesting is that humans are allowed to comment on the news stories. Many of the comments mention "Obama types", and usually those comments are not favorable. For example, I read one about bed bugs, and several comments said that bed bugs were caused by "Obama types". Of course, this dog had to do some thinking to understand the comment, but since I am a very intelligent dog, I put all the facts together to form my conclusion. First of all, Mr. Obama is the President so he is in politics. He also tends to wear suits. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that if you own a hotel, and don't want bed bugs, do not allow the room to be rented to Congressmen and Senators because politicians must be what the comments mean by "Obama types". I've even heard plenty of the humans talk about how politicians are sleazy types so I think this dog has come to the right conclusion--as always. I think it would be wise not to let corporate executives have a room also--they tend to wear suits and hang out with the politicians.

To be fair, the article didn't say that any particular group was at fault for bed bugs which makes me wonder--do some people who comment even read what they are commenting on? Perhaps they just have too much time on their paws. I would suggest they do something useful with their time like learn to read. It would make their comments sound more intelligent. Of course, with humans making comments, you can only get so much intelligence--it isn't like they are dogs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Politicians: Not Popular Group)

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  1. I'm biting my paws so I don't use other words here -

    So YEP: too much time on their human paws . . .

    Khan I hear a Styx song please?