Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mommy is Sick

I am very upset today.  My mommy had to go to the hospital and I am not sure if she is okay or not.  I worry a lot and am not sure when she will be back.  I miss her already.  I hope so gets well and comes back soon.  A boy needs his  Mommy, even if she is human.  She loves me as a child of her own and she will always be my mommy.  Please come home soon.  I love you mommy.
-Demon Flash Bandit (worried pup)


  1. Saying prayers that your momma will be okay Demon!

  2. Oh Big Dog, we are sorry to read this. POP for yur Mommy to get better soon!

  3. Crikey Demon ..... I haven't been around much lately but I saw that your Mommy is sick and had to come by and wish her well. Sending lots of POTP from downunder, mate!! Hope she's back home with you real soon. Take care and try not to worry too much. I'm sure the hospital is taking very good care of your Mommy.

  4. Oh dear. We hope wshe will get better and be able to come home soon. Sending lots of POTP and pawyers for her.

  5. This is terrible. She is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Mei-Ling and Jade

  6. Wish we were khloser - we'd take woo to see her -