Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Birds Welcome

I am madder than a squirrel without a tree to climb who has run out of nuts.  As you can imagine, I am angry.  The mommy birdb who has built a nest by our front door has started to attack
Dogs as well as the humans.  They try to attack me, but I chase them.  Angel is afraid of them.  She runs back into the house.  I wiish shr could be more like me.  Those birds need to chased by a dog.  Birds are jerks.

Demon Flash Bandit (Bird Chaser)


  1. Hope your bird problem goes away soon!

  2. Crikey Demon ... That's no good, mate? I've got problems with birds too. Mum feeds three magpies at our house. They drive me nuts. I wanna chase 'em too. They sure are jerks. Do you know what my Mum feeds 'em??? MINCE MEAT! I love mince meat. They eat all MY mince meat, the JERKS!!!!!