Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Dog With a Blog

I have exciting news for my readers.  I discovered that Hulu is showing the television program, Dog With a Blog.  It has been on for 3 years, but my humans don't get the Disney channel.  My humans don't have cable TV because they stream Netflex and Hulu so I didn't get to watch it 3 years ago.     The star is a dog named Stan, and he is a very cool dog who can talk.  He is a great dog because he is as lot like me.  I am also angry because it has been cancelled by Disney.  Sure, Disney can continue making Star Wars movies, but when they air a show with a dog that is their best achievement, they throw it aside.  They must be under the impression that Star Wars will do well, but the humans prefer dog shows.  This is the kind of mistakes that are made when you put a stupid mouse in charge.

Demon Flash Bandit (Another Blogging Dog)

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