Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sir Wolf versus Little Red Riding hood.

Are my readers following the lawsuit of Sir Wolf who is suing Little Red Riding Hood for spreading lies about Sir Wolf.
Wolves are always the villains in fairy tales.  I think he should also sue the Grimm brothers for giving wolves the bad publicity.  Look at the facts.  The wolf lives in the forest so Red is trespassing in his territory.  I think Red has a lot of nerve
  invading his territory.  Then she expects sympathy.  I went to visit her Grandmother, and she and the wolves  in the forest are good friends. Red's teachers have went on field trips hoping to lose the kid.  She always finds  the group.  I think there will be justice for the wolf.  The judge who is presiding over the case is the honourable Wily Coyote.

Has anyone heard about Trump, the Republican nominee, had a baby removed from his rally.  I am assuming he was mad because the baby's hands were bigger than his hands.  I would never have a baby thrown out of one of my rallys.  I would have walked over and kissed that precious baby.  Babies are often wearing food, and I like to eat.  This is why you should vote for me.

Demon Flash Bandit (Presidential Candidate)

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