Monday, September 12, 2016

Mom is Better with Dialysis

I am pleased to write that Mommy is improving.  Thanks for the prayers, the power of the paws, and the good wishes.  Mommy is now on dialysis.  I hope she will be back with Angel and myself as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I am in charge of the household.   My brothers respect my authority, but Angel Zoom Smokey does not.    If she doesn't get with the program, I am going to report her as a bad dog to Santa Paws. It is tough being in charge.

Demon Flash Bandit (Lead Dog)


  1. I hope the improvement continues. You will have big responsibility when she comes home, DFB!

    Pawyers continue!

  2. Good news about mom! All I can say is that it's lonely at the top Demon!

  3. Good, good! Don't be too hard on AngelZS. She's missin yur Mommy too.
    Take care o' evfurrything thing. Be shur to clean up all the mess round yur house, so's yur Mommy won't have to!

  4. Crikey Demon ... Poor Mommy! Be strong for her Demon. I know it's a tough job being in charge but I'm sure you're up to the task. I hope she's back with you all real soon.