Friday, August 26, 2016

Bird Conspiracy

In my last blog, I shared the bumper sticker my hubro, William, one of my campaign workers designed for me.  It is on eBay, but the item had a postage cost which is wrong.  It is $5.00 with free shipping.  Actually it was not exactly a mistake on my part.  Obviously, birds jacked onto my computer.  Birds always cause me problems, and they know that, as president, I will not tolerate birds.  I have already planned to have a cat take care of any rats who annoy humans.  Cats are good at catching rats, and they even enjoy the job.  One of the cats said we can make the birds build a wall around the themselves.  However I decided that cat is insane so he will not be allowed to serve on my cabinet.  Remember, some cats are crazy.  This is why cats are not Oatllowed to be president.


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  1. Thanks for the bumper stickers. Mei-Ling and I will be voting for you.