Sunday, April 3, 2016

Angel Zoom Smokey Gets a Thundercoat

I have not meant to neglect my blog, but I have been busy with my presidential campaign.  Kissing puppies and shaking paws takes more time than you would think.  I.have also had to spend some time listening to the barking from other candidates.  There is one important thing that I will do my best to enact.   I would make all expenses related to caring for a dog to be tax deductible.  These items include veterinary care  food, treats, toys, bones, and dog houses (even if the humans live in the house with the dog).    I think I am accurate when I say that none of the other candidates have mentioned where they stand on dog related issues.

A miracle has occured with Angel Zoom Smokey.  Whenever there is a thunderstorm, Angel.starts trying to hide from it.  She gets on top of furniture or under it.  The humans were afraid she would possibly injure herself.  Mom decided to buy her a thundercoat which is approved by the American Kennel Club.  She said it was probably a waste of money because Angel has run away from dog clothes since she was a puppy.  Even I wondered how she knew they were for her, .but evidently, she has a sixth sense that involves doggy fashion. WHen the cost arrived in the mail, she was actually I.interested in it.  She allowed the humans to put it on her, and she has been wearing it for 4 days now.  She refuses to let them take it off.  When she is wearing it, she is calmer.  Humom recommends the jacket to anyone whose dog is anxious.  Angel said it is like getting a perpetual .tummy rub, and she loves tummy rubs!

Demon Flash Bandit (Campaigning)

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  1. Crikey Bandit ..... I've been a bit slack with my comments lately but I do read your blog. Good on Angel. Those thunder coats do work. I'm glad she likes it and how clever of your Mom to think of it..