Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Stuff is My Stuff

What does a dog have to do to keep the humans out of my stuff?  I always keep a cache of goodies hidden where the humans can't or shouldn't find it.  Since humom can't do much physical labor anymore, it is my brothers who do the cleaning.  They aren't obsessive about cleaning which works for this dog.  Who would expect William to clean under humom's bed?  I had an unopened box of Hersheys cereal, a bonus size box of granola bars, half a bag of chocolate covered donuts,and some individually wrapped peanut butter crackers.  These were items that were just sitting in the kitchen cabinets which I learned to open  when I was a puppy.  That talent comes in handy because these are not items the humans normally share with me.  Now I have to gather new food and find a hiding place for it.  Why can't the humans leave a dog's stuff alone?

Demon Flash Bandit (Disappointed Dog)

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