Monday, April 11, 2016

Warning Humans Warning

Hollywood does produce much entertainment, and it gets some well deserved criticism at times.  In addition to great movies, some are just plain bad.  Soldiers Tinker Tailor Humans got a -100 from my scale of 1 to 10-1 being the worst.  The only thing the actors did on that show was smoke cigarettes.  If you find watching humans smoke cigarettes entertaining, then this is a must see film.  Hollywood does make occasional documentaries as a public service.  In past blogs and diary entries, I have written about the documentary series, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

I am very upset with my humom because she went on Amazon and ordered tomato seeds.  The worst thing is she ordered heirloom old German tomatoes.  They are in the house now, and they are growing as I write this blog.  I can hear them plotting to take over the Polish sausage and Polish ham I planted last year.  What happens when they meet with some killer cabbage
 I am automatically suspicious of cabbage.  You know cabbage can go bad.  One sniff of sauerkraut and you know it is up to no good
I don't like sausage or hot dogs so the tomatoes and cabbage can have them.  I draw the line at ham and bacon.  Do I hear a woof woof from the audience?  Wishing you a vegetable free summer!8

Demon Flash Bandit (Warning Humans)

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