Monday, April 4, 2016

Movie Review: The Adventures of Pepper and Paula

It is time for me to share a movie review.  Today's lucky movie is "The Adventures of Pepper and Polly".    This movie was made in 2015, and it stars a dog whose name is Pepper, and Mindy Raymond as pistol packing Paula.

Paula works for a small western attraction that features Paula stopping the bad guys.  Pepper was a stray dog Paula took in.  Humom said it reminds her of a local attraction  she and dad took my family to every summer, Stagecoach Stop.  My brothers loved it.  They had a train ride and robberies.  Humom said my brother Robert, used to.dress in his cowboy hat, long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans even in temperatures of 90 F+.  Daddy bought him 2 toy guns which he used to help shoot the villians.  I'm sure the sheriff appreciated his help.  The place is no longer operating so I never got to go there.  This movie brought back many pleasant memories for my humans.  It is a shame that so many small attractions get replaced by huge theme parks.  This dog thinks there is room for both types.

Angel and myself enjoyed this delightful movie, and recommend it to any dog who wants some entertainment.  I give it 4 paws up, kisses, my chicken dog toy, and several tail wags.  This is a must see movie!

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)


  1. Crikey Demon it must be more than good, mate. You gave it 4 paws up, kisses, YOUR CHICKEN DOG TOY, and several tail wags?????
    Mum loves that your Humom and your hudad allowed Robert to play with a toy gun when he was little. No-one in Australia lets little ones play with toy guns. Thinks it teaches them to be killers. Mum's seen little boys break branches off trees to make a toy gun to pretend to kill each other and anything else that moves. If they use a stick why not give them a toy gun. It's pretend for goodness sake. There is a difference, aye?? Politically correctness gone mad.

  2. Demon here: I don't think toy guns, violent video games, or violent television makes killers. My brother Robert shot thieves at Stagecoach Stop, but he was never violent in real life. Once his teacher told him.if he hit one very rotten kid that it would be okay. He told mom the kid was being raised by a single mom.who was poor so what good would it accomplish to hit him. He was 7 years old at the time. The teacher told mom all about the incident.because she didn't expect his reaction.
    In fact, this dog owes him.a lot. When he died of cancer, it broke my human parents hearts. I comforted them, and they got better. It probably explains why I am so spoiled. I am their unofficial therapy dog.