Saturday, February 28, 2015

The More Snow, the Better!

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I found an interesting item on the Internet today.  There has been so much snow in the state of Mass, that dogs have been using the snow banks to escape their yards.  Here is the link:

Just getting so much snow is delightful enough, but to get enough to actually be able to go over the fence by walking on the snow is just unbelievably wonderful.  I know the humans worry about us, and I do think it is sweet that they care so much.  I know my own humans would be very upset if Angel or I got out of the yard, but perhaps God just wanted us to have some fun.  I do hope no dogs are injured on their travels.

Demon Flash Bandit (Snow is Always Wonderful)

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  1. Our five foot fence is surrounded by snow mountains...I too could play on top of them and maybe escape...but I can't be bothered, BOL! Too cold fur my tastes and tootsies!