Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Movie Unreview: American Sniper

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I will begin this movie unreview by stating that I have not actually seen this movie nor do I have any plans to see it.  It is the story of a real sniper in Iraq named Chris Kyle.  Chris is not to be mistaken for the Kyle in South Park because Chris Kyle is a human, and Kyle from South Park is a cartoon--or as they like to be referred to-as a living impaired person. Kyle was a Navy Seal which means that his sniperdom was quite an accomplishment since he is the first seal on record to shoot a gun--or even carry a gun for that matter.  I refuse to see this movie because it is bad enough that over the centuries, humans have had horses, and dogs help them in battle and risk their lives,  I draw the line when it comes to seals.  Seals and dol[lins are such nice creatures that I think they should left alone to swim around and enjoy life.  Birds like carrier pigeons have gotten involved, but that is okay because they are birds, and birds are evil!  I'm sure some of my readers will ask why I didn't watch this movie before doing a  review on it.  If you look at the title, it is not a review, it is an unreview.  Besides, I don't tend to enjoy movies that spend most of the movie shooting at people.  I watched Snow Dogs for the 2 millionth time instead, and it was time well spent!  My movie rating:  don't bother to watch American Sniper--watch a dog movie instead,

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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