Monday, February 16, 2015

Insane People Should Not Have Guns!

I don't mean to offend anyone with this blog, but you know that when a dog sees the humans do stupid things, sometimes it  is necessary to bark about it in a blog.  Today's subject is Christopher Kyle, the man who the movie, American Sniper was based upon.  I hear the humans debating about whether or not he was a hero or a coward, and some of the celebrities who have given their opinions have been criticized by the people who don't agree with them.  I have no interest in deciding whether he was a hero or coward.  I just think he was incredibly stupid.  When a friend comes home from a war and has spent time in a psychiatric hospital, and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, only an idiot would take him to a gun range and put a gun in his hand.  When Angel Zoom Smokey gets in one of her moods where she is growling and ready to bite me, I do not hand her extra teeth!    It is a  sad outcome that never had to happen.  Please humans, quit giving insane people guns.  Guns can be dangerous and crazy people should not have them.  How many times does a dog have to repeat this message before the humans learn?

Demon Flash Bandit (Commenting on Human Stupidity)


  1. Actually, he was asked by a teacher at his children's school to help her son who she thought had PTSD. He and Chad Littlefield had no idea how screwed up Routh was, or that he was maybe even schizophrenic. The mental health reports at Routh's trial should shed light on his condition. Kyle thought he was doing what he had done before-- help a fellow vet by hanging out with him and befriending him. Routh was not Kyle's friend, and he did not know him before the day Routh killed him and Littlefield. He was simply doing a favor for a teacher at his kids' school. You may call him stupid-- I call judging him without knowing all the facts extremely harsh.

  2. I can understand that it was nice of him to try to help, but I agree with Demon on this one. My husband spent a year in combat in Vietnam, and over the years, after seeing a lot of the combat veterans in Vietnam Vets of America, I can tell you that some of them, like my husband were okay with guns. He had several and never used them--he just liked to collect them. However, some of the guys were still sleeping with their guns and even living in bunkers. I would never have trusted one of them with a gun unless they weren't around me. Normally, I try to make sure that I don't judge people harshly, but couldn't they have went out to a restaurant and socialized or a bar. Why a gun range? It is not a chance I would take. War is something that is hard for the soldiers to get over. My husband once survived an ambush which killed 21 out of 26 of the men. I can't even imagine living with those kind of memories.