Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Storage Wars: Does the Unit Have Used Klennex?

Today I have been watching the reality television show, Storage Wars (the one from California). This show is about people who buy abandoned storage units that have owners who have not paid their rent.   Since this show involves only humans, I don't really see the point of watching it.  They are looking for "treasures", and so far, I haven't seen anything worth buying.  If I were at an auction like that,  I would look for something worth buying....used keenex, used toilet paper, empty Milkbone boxes, dead bird or bird skeletons, and sticks....you know...stuff that a dog finds interesting.  The humans bid on units filled with furniture, tools, household items, and miscellaneous stuff that, if you ask a dog's opinion, is not worth the time and money to bother with buying.  I do admit that the humans are funny.  Sometimes they say things like, "there could be a million dollars in this unit".  My thought is that, if there was something worth a million dollars in the unit, why wouldn't the person pay their rent?  I suppose that is where dogs and humans look at things differently.  They should know that if the unit is not filled with things like used klennexes, chances are the unit is worthless.  Just ask any dog appraiser and they would agree with me.  If you must bid on a unit, be careful and make sure the stuff inside it is worth the money you are bidding.  Don't get stuck with a bunch of old coins or antique furniture!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Looks for Treasure)

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